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Behind The Scenes: Sekrit Theater

For this blog post, I thought it would be cool to break down the logistics of one of my shoots and take a behind the scenes, or BTS look at my Sekrit Theater shoot which you can find below. 

Photo by @briannanmoore13

Photo by @briannanmoore13



Last summer/fall I had the urge to take photos in a greenhouse, because let's be honest it's all the rage right now and it's awesome. The problem was that I couldn't find the perfect greenhouse that wasn't a business establishment who would get mad at me for perusing around with a camera and a couple of models. But then I came across the gem that is Sekrit Theater. I had to dig pretty deep to even get in contact with the owner but once I did (thanks to a very kind fellow photographer who wasn't stingy with his information), everything went swimmingly. 



After finally solidifying a location and scheduling a date it was time for the fun part: styling!! I knew for sure that I wanted my friend and stylist Jacqueline Kekos involved (I met her last spring while working with Fashion X Austin). Jac did such a great job pulling and putting together looks that really worked with the overall theme of Sekrit Theater and what I was trying to capture. You can see some of her work here and you'll find her Instagram here

For the models I usually like to use people that I already know. This is mainly due to the fact that I don't know many aspiring models (if you do, let me know). I asked my friends Katie Canales and Johnna Branson to model for me and they said yes... and did A GREAT JOB. Thanks again, ladies. <3


Photo by:  @jacquelinekekosstylist  | Special thanks to  Brazos Market. &nbsp;

Photo by: @jacquelinekekosstylist | Special thanks to Brazos Market. 


Shooting days are always a blast. After spending so much time and energy brainstorming/planning a shoot, executing it is a rush. I know it might seem weird to say that taking pictures can give you an adrenaline rush of sorts but for me it does. Once you get that one shot you've had in your head for the longest time, you start to build off of that energy and shot after shot comes out looking like everything you had envisioned. It's a big deal when your ideas become actual photos... that's called creating.

Usually a shoot that I'm doing on my own time takes anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on locations, outfits, models etc. I rented out Sekrit Theater for 1.5 hours which was a good amount of time. Although when I first got there I was a giddy mess because it was full of potential and I couldn't contain myself. After I got it together, I started photographing Katie while Johnna got into her first look. The whole shoot alternated this way until the end which worked out perfectly for having two models and so much ground to cover at this specific location. 

Post shoot

After the shoot is over, the editing process begins. Oh the joy of being shutter happy... I sometimes (by sometimes I mean most of the time) end up with easily 500+ pictures. I'm afraid to admit that because I don't know if taking that many photos makes me a bad photographer (I'm going to go with no). I'm just a "you can always delete later" kind of person I suppose. Anyways... 

So after I import my 500+ pictures to Lightroom I start the long editing process. Editing can take anywhere from 2 hours to DAYS depending on my schedule and how in love I am with the photos. If I really love a session, I get sucked in and can't stop. Other times, I may not love a session any less but my creative eye is sometimes worn out and it just takes me longer.  Nonetheless the editing gets done eventually (maybe I'll do a blog post on Lightroom one day... hmm).

An inside look at my Lightroom.&nbsp;

An inside look at my Lightroom. 


Once the editing is finished I export my photos onto my external hard drive and upload them to my website. If you haven't already seen it, make sure to check out the full Sekrit Theater shoot H E R E